Librework ZERO

The computers start without disk from the network and execute the desktop and some applications (usually browser, multimedia player, videoconference or applications that require local access to specific hardware) in the terminal itself, together with the applications that run on the remote server; all in a transparent way for the user.


  • Reduce bandwidth consumption in those applications

  • It greatly improves the performance; other solutions are simply not suitable for showing video, or videoconferencing
  • Price

  • Reduces server processor and memory usage, optimizing
    system performance by taking advantage of local terminals
  • Integration with Google Drive without taking up disk space on the server

Librework is the new and incredible service in the cloud that mobilizes your applications

Connect from anywhere and from any device. From your smartphone, from your tablet, from your PC or Mac. Access securely from one place to all your applications and files.


It includes one of the most widespread and recognized office applications in the market. Compatible with Microsoft Office.


Manage your files in the most popular stores (Google Drive, Dropbox and Box) without having to synchronize them anywhere. You can use several accounts from the same storage service.


Print from anywhere and on any printer configured with Google Cloud Print.


Librework is a personal, lightweight cloud desktop that will allow you to work freely. We have eliminated all the options that you do not need to make everything simple and easy to use. Your desktop and applications are completely virtualized in HTML5, so you can connect from your browser without having to install anything, or from any standard RDP client to access your apps and data.

Integrated storage

With Librework you can directly edit the files stored in the Google Drive, Box and Dropbox cloud without having to synchronize with any computer. Access multiple storage accounts from a single location.

What applications do I have?

In this version you will be able to use applications such as the LibreOffice office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools, all of which are compatible with Microsoft Office. You also have an image editor, a PDF file viewer and many new features that we will incorporate.

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